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Telehealth Education

We have developed online interprofessional telehealth educational modules, named "Connecting Through Telehealth", for health professions faculty and students, and primary care clinical partners that highlight the role of the primary care nurse in telehealth. The course consists of 4 modules:

  • Telehealth and Virtual Services to Enhance Access and Improve Care
  • Mastering the Techno-Human Aspects of Telehealth Visits
  • Nuts & Bolts of Telehealth Regulations, Billing and Revenue Capture
  • Tele-Visit Tutorial for Patients, Families and Caregivers

Under each module there are 3 to 4 subsections, which further delve into topics such as: the role telehealth can play in being person-centered; expanding healthcare access and achieving the quadruple aim; key elements of team-based approaches with a focus on the role of the nurse; relevant telehealth regulations, billing and revenue capture; and strategies and tips to ensure successful tele-visits for patients, families and caregivers. The infographics from the modules will be linked in the Telehealth section of our Resources page. The modules also includes some short "Quickbyte" informative videos that you can watch separately on our Youtube channel HERE.  Click the link below to access this course on the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resources Center!


We also have contracted with Comagine Health to develop a telehealth toolkit for primary care clinics. This toolkit condenses the educational content of modules listed above, and provides guidelines and checklists for conducting visits, telehealth cultural awareness, working with community resources, and using Plan, Do See, Act (PDSA) cycles and return on investment (ROI) analyses for process and outcomes monitoring. This toolkit is kept under the Telehealth section on the Resources page of this website.


Finally, we worked with our Clinical practice liaison, (a Comagine Health employee who works directly with primary care clinical partners), and Comagine Health to host a one-time 3-week ECHO series for primary care nurses covering the nuts and bolts of telehealth, regulatory and billing issues, and process improvement. We also held a final webinar discussing the future of telehealth. You can find the recorded sessions below and the resources from each session under the Telehealth tab on our Resources page.